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Screen setting for the new game BF2142 II

In the links below you will find two new mods made with a lot of help from the game mod app for Battlefield 2142 that will make the game look like a new game again. For some users of these mods, sometimes they may not work properly. This is due to the lack of guidance contained in the game modding app.
The following BF 2142 mods are just a taste of what you'll find in the game modding app. To install a newer version of the game, you must have an older version of Battlefield 2142 installed on your system

Use the link below to REGISTER. This will allow you to download the MODS and next click DOWNLOAD link without any hassle.



DOWNLOAD Conflict 2142 II

The Battlefield 2143 II Beta mod requires some bugs to be fixed. However, it still provides a lot of excitement and fun.

DOWNLOAD Battlefield 2143 II BETA !

The link below will allow you to download a very small file (reshade-shaders), but this file will greatly improve the quality of the mod. The file should be unpacked in the main mod folder, i.e. in the Conflict 2142 II folder. This method will also work in Super Mod X, but not all levels will work when the graphics level is set to Medium or High. Learn more about shaders to be able to apply this method to other mods.....

DOWNLOAD Reshade-Shaders


You can greatly help the developer to create more parts of this game for you and take the time to show you many new ways to modify this game if you click on the JOIN button below this video - VIDEO
This way you will create your first game very quickly and insert a new 3D model into it. Thanks to the methods indicated here.
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