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So you are facing a simple choice.
Do you just want to play Battlefield 2142 II?
Do you want to take an active part in making such modifications of the game as your imagination allows you? Before you decide, watch the second part of the movie containing scenes from the new Battlefield 2142 II game. Because I am the author of this movie and the site you are currently watching, as well as the application itself, so I had the right to put this movie here.

Now I will show you how powerful possibilities you get in each option you choose.
Battlefield 2142 II will never grow old and will always be a new game, so it will always be at the top of the list of good games.
It owes its extraordinary popularity to the players themselves, who make every effort to modify this game again, which makes it unsurpassed.
So when you become a happy owner of a great application for modding and creating FPS games at the same time you will become the owner of the game Battlefield 2142 II, which is included in this application.
So now you must choose what is important to you. You chose the option that you just want to play in Battlefield 2142 II and you don't feel like creating new levels or 3D models for this game.
In this case, just find the link under this text that will redirect you to the place where you can download this excellent application, which also includes the game Battlefield 2142 II
It is not excluded that you will use the application for other modifications of other games and maybe you will create your own game completely.

Click the link below to download the Battlefield 2142 II application and game.

Use the link below to REGISTER. This will allow you to download the DOWNLOAD APP MODDING GAME 1 and next click DOWNLOAD link without any hassle.



OpenGL Triple Buffering must be enabled on new graphics cards.
After enabling OpenGL, turn off and restart your computer

Extract the downloaded game creation and modification application file on the desktop of your screen using the WinRar program.

If it was not possible to download the modding games app from the link above due to too large queue waiting for download, try to register on another page below this text (REGISTER) and then go to the link below titled. DOWNLOAD APP MODDING GAME 1. Registering will surely increase your chances of downloading modding games application



Let's examine the second option, in which you decided that you like to modify and create new games, you have time for it and you enjoy the prospect of such an entertaining work.
It is clear that if you already have the application for modifying and creating games described here, it will not be a big problem for you when you decide that you want to participate and devote yourself to joyful creativity in creating new characters for this game or another. Creating new 3D models, war machines. Creating new maps and new game levels.

The Battlefield 2142 II app and game work very well in 64-bit or 32-bit versions. They will probably also work on 128-bit systems that may appear on the market in the near future. This is easy to predict, given the involvement of many, really many fans of Battlefield games in modifying this game.

Now that you are sure how fantastic the tool has been provided to you and assuming that you already have an application running on your computer, we can go to the merits....
Of course, the first step you should take is to get the right tools that you have in the game modification application itself. However, this is not all.
In the game modification application you have a lot of information, tips, descriptions and links to free programs that will help you quickly understand how to create new 3D models for the game or new levels of the game and how to design a completely new game according to your ideas. However, for professional design, e.g. a new 3D model, e.g. a tank or robot model, you must use professional tools.

Autodesk 3DS Max 2020 is one such tool. Earlier, as you probably will learn from the descriptions in the application itself, it was Autodesk 3DS Max 2009. However, as practice shows, using this earlier tool from 2009 is associated with a high risk. If only because the downloaded program is often infected with viruses or can not be activated, and even the purchased program 3DS Max 2009 works only for 30 days, because the activator does not work as it should, and we will lose about 250 British pounds and valuable time.

Here I should explain how to avoid unpleasant situations and not fall into the trap of various unfair practices on the Internet.
The main thing is that a special plug-in for the 3DS Max 2009 program has been developed, which enabled the export of created 3D models directly and immediately to the BF2 editor, which, as the instructions in the game modification application show, is also the same editor for the BF2142 II game.

That is why there have been problems so far and many users of this older software have suffered losses and were exposed to stressful situations (3DS Max 2009). A new plugin has now been created to export models from Autodesk 2020 directly to the BF2 / 2142 II game editor. The new plugin works reliably with the latest software from 2020 and will work with future versions because? - Because there will always be someone who will modify the older version to the latest ... Because these are the needs of Battlefield fans.

You can download the new Autodesk 3DSMax plug-in by clicking on the link  below.

Use the link below to REGISTER. This will allow you to download the PLUG - IN for BF2 and BF2142 II and next click DOWNLOAD link without any hassle.



How to install and download the very expensive Autodesk 3DS Max 2020 or later without paying anything.
It's easy. On the Autodesk website, which is linked below, you must find student options and use them if you are a student. The second method you can use is to ask a friend who is studying to help you install the program. And that's all. Other instructions for installing the BF2 / 2142 II plug for Autodesk 3DS Max 2020 can be found in the application for modifying and creating new games described above.

In the links below you will find two new mods made with a lot of help from the game mod app for Battlefield 2142 that will make the game look like a new game again. For some users of these mods, sometimes they may not work properly. This is due to the lack of guidance contained in the game modding app.

You can greatly help the developer to create more parts of this game for you and take the time to show you many new ways to modify this game if you click on the JOIN button below this video - VIDEO
This way you will create your first game very quickly and insert a new 3D model into it. Thanks to the methods indicated here.
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